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This concerns her only today

He's a very strange young man. Alright, McFly, you're asking for it, and now you're gonna get it. I have to tell you about the future. Hey not too early I sleep in Sunday's, he...

You get the cable for more

Yeah. Well, safe and sound, now, n good old 1955. Its good. Whoa, they really cleaned this place up, looks brand new. Alright, good-bye Einy. Oh, watch that re-entry, it's a li...

Look, there’s a rhythmic thing

Marty, are you alright? Just finishing up the second coat now. 1955? You're my ma- you're my ma. George, buddy. remember that girl I introduced you to, Lorraine. What are you w...

Let’s do another one everywhere

Marty, I'm sorry, but the only power source capable of generating one point twenty-one gigawatts of electricity is a bolt of lightning. Um, yeah, I'm on my way. Please note tha...

Everything looks great like this

Okay. Okay, alright, Saturday is good, Saturday's good, I could spend a week in 1955. I could hang out, you could show me around. So what's it to you, butthead. You know you've...

This sounds pretty amazing now

It's my dad. Okay, alright, I'll prove it to you. Look at my driver's license, expires 1987. Look at my birthday, for crying out load I haven't even been born yet. And, look at...

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Everything looks great like this


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Leave me alone, I’m sad today

Clear the way for our entrance

Turn it on baby, it’s amazing

Come and get it if you need

Finally found you and the others

Think of your two most beloved

Hey c'mon, I had to change, you think I'm going back in that zoot suit? The old man really...

I’m all yours forever now

Look at my birthday, for crying out load I haven't even been born yet. And, look at this pictur...

Like a magician with a box

And he told me that if I didn't take Lorraine, that he'd melt my brain. I'm gonna ram...