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Grey sweater

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What? Well maybe you are and you just don’t know it yet. Great Scott. Let me see that photograph again of your brother. Just as I thought, this proves my theory, look at your brother. Pretty Mediocre photographic fakery, they cut off your brother’s hair. Time machine, I haven’t invented any time machine.

Why not? Let’s go. What did I just say? You cost three-hundred buck damage to my car, you son-of-a-bitch. And I’m gonna take it out of your ass.


What were you doing in the middle of the street, a kid your age. You’re gonna be in the car with her. Why not? Ahh. Oh hey, Biff, hey, guys, how are you doing?

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the lightning, you take care of your pop. By the way, what happened today, did he ask her out? I’ll get it back to you, alright? Please, Marty, don’t tell me, no man should know too much about their own destiny. Will you take care of that? Good morning, Mom.

Unroll their fire. Mom, Dad. Dammit, Doc, why did you have to tear up that letter? If only I had more time. Wait a minute, I got all the time I want I got a time machine, I’ll just go back and warn him. 10 minutes oughta do it. Time-circuits on, flux-capacitor fluxing, engine running, alright. No, no no no no, c’mon c’mon. C’mon c’mon, here we go, this time. Please, please, c’mon. Yeah, exactly. Kids, we’re gonna have to eat this cake by ourselves, Uncle Joey didn’t make parole again. I think it would be nice, if you all dropped him a line.

Scram, McFly. Yeah. You know Marty, you look so familiar, do I know your mother? Yeah. Mom, Dad.

Mom, Dad. Great good, good, Lorraine, I had a feeling about you two. Uh? Huh? No.


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